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How to get the most energy to imagine the 2021 you want and make it happen?

How to get the most energy to imagine the 2021 you want and make it happen?

Everything that happens in life is a cycle: events, projects, relationships, achievements, defeats, losses and situations to clear the air. Every cycle has a beginning and an end.

Before beginning a new cycle, we have to make sure that we have enough resources to deal with it. The beginning of a new year is a very important cycle especially after a year that has been very challenging.

To fly really high, we need to free energy in 3 steps:

  1. Make a list of 2020 cycles.

  2. Distribute them in bags:

  • There is the bag of the gifts, the values and the relationships we need to be thankful for. That's what really matters in our lives and inspire our resilience.

  • There is the bag of the achievements we need to acknowledge and celebrate together with the people who trusted us, supported us and with us made those happen.

  • There is the bag of losses, defeats, wrong choices: we need to welcome them too. We have done the best we could do; nobody is perfect. Let’s also forgive ourselves and others for any bad choices we might have made and bury them. Challenges stretch us out of the comfort zone and unveil skill, qualities and values that need to be treasured so to leverage on them in the future.

  • Some of those cycles might still be open and we need to decide what to do. It's key to decide what to do with them and when. Just that decision will reduce distraction and the subconscious drain of resources and release new energy.

3. Leave all the closed cycles that now belong to the past, behind. They are like sandy bags that need to be dropped to create space in our mind and our heart.

The thrill of lifting the ground and imagine the 2021 you want

Like flying in a hot air balloon, soon after having released some unnecessary bags behind, we will start feeling the powerful push of self-confidence and rising excitement that lift us from the ground relieved, free and committed.

Such positive energy is the fuel that let our imagination run wild and enable us to visualise the future we want, focusing on what matters.

At that point we will be leaving the ground and flying high with a set mindset.

It's the magic and boosting experience of coaching.

Where do you want to fly high in 2021? Are you ready to make it happen?

Thanks for your kind attention and I am curious to know where you would like to fly high in 2021. Please feel free to contact me at to discover more.

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