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What a journey: over 1.000 downloads in 6 months

. Be brave: leap then look!

We started in April with the aim of serving others in sharing stories from unexpected places and from people who do roles very different from working in Organisations to provide inspirations on focusing on what matters.

It was our first podcast and we said: let's leap then look! We did enjoyed it and we are so grateful to our guests who shared their vision, experience and tips. Thanks to Steve Chapman, Luca Franchini, Dr Kirsty Clode, Luke Squires, Claire Kitay, Matthew Wiltshire, Jem Macy, Charlie Brown and Gary Maclean.

Thanks to Guy Barter - Chief Horticulturalist at RHS - our latest guest for sharing his experience on how horticulture and gardening can help the #planet and improve #wellbeing. Link to the episode in the first comment of this post.

Thanks to all of you for listening, appreciating and sharing and we look forward to seeing you in the next series.

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