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Connecting and supporting purpose driven leaders, teams and Organizations  so as to make the world a better place to live

Feeling stuck? At a crossroads in your career? Struggling in achieving your business targets? Looking for new ways to engage your team? 

Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, or unhappy at times.

As a certified and experienced Coaching Professional and FMCG Commercial Excellence expert, I can help you understand and reframe where you are, decide where you want to be, and get there so as to enjoy your life consistently with your career and be happy.

I believe you deserve it and you can make it.

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New Podcast Series: Focus on What Matters

What a great way to celebrate my 50th birthday: launching a podcast series to share tips and stories on how to focus on what matters!
Few months ago, Deborah Fleming MSc and I came up with the idea of humbly serving others by sharing stories from unexpected places from people who do roles very different from environment in organisations to provide tips and inspiration on Focusing On What Matters. It was also the opportunity to learn and to have fun and meet amazing people. 
We encourage you to go on a journey of exploration and curiosity with us to discover new ways we can drive growth by focusing on what matters. Search for us - Focus on What Matters - on your favourite podcast or music platform. We hope you are going to enjoy it and we look forward to receiving your feedback and your stories to share.

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April 7, 2021

How do we improve our ability to cope with uncertainty?  What are the conditions for creativity?  Steve Chapman is an Artist, TEDX Speaker, and writer on helping people to nurture their own creativity.  He will share how he uses silence, experimentation and spontaneity in his work.  He lives by the moto “Leap then look”.  He is here to encourage us to walk towards the unknown, with intent and adventure and not to fear it.  His TEDX talk “Dancing with my inner critic” has amassed over 135,000 views and he is in demand working as a consultant and coach to people who want a creative route out of being stuck!

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April 14, 2021

How do we make better decisions under pressure?  How do we reset from a defeat and move forward to win the next half or the next game? What are the lessons we can learn from being a captain in a football team?
Luca Franchini started his career in football at the age of 8 and ultimately playing for FC Internazionale Milano and as Italian International. He has trained and played together with champions like Ronaldo, Recoba, Vieri and some of the best footballers in the world.  He also has an MSc in Sport Management.  He brings lessons he learned from top football coaches, playing football and leaving football to a heartfelt discussion about how to be resilient, reinvent yourself and be true to your dreams.



April 28, 2021

How can we maximise team performance by improving the diversity? How do we make our way in Science and Engineering?  When we get stuck, how do we find our way out? Kirsty Clode is Chair of WiME (Women in Science and Engineering), has a PhD and BSc in Chemistry and an advocate for developing people. The Manufacturing and Engineering sectors have a skills shortage and a lack of diversity - there is a real war for talent and she has used her own experience to help companies to attract more diverse candidates to their organisations.  She will talk about collaboration, perseverance and using your networks to overcome blockers to success and her top tips for being confident in your capability.  She also shares how chemistry’s best asset is to train you in how to think and why she is bringing change to the recruitment of women!



May 4, 2021

Team spirit? Easy to say and hard to get when the battle seems invincible.

Luke Squires, Director of Fundraising at The Bowel Cancer UK, shares with us this week in our Focus on What Matters podcast, his experience on how purpose, listening and learning from mistakes can motivate a team to go beyond their perceived limits.

We are proud to support The Bowel Cancer UK charity. Please find the link to this episode to your main podcast provider here below and please subscribe to the Focus on What Matters series to receive notifications about the next episodes. 

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May 18, 2021

We are so grateful to have Claire Kitay as our guest this week in our podcast Focus on What Matters. Claire became one of the youngest cathedral organists in the UK and is a qualified Music Therapist.

She uses music, in many creative ways, as nourishment for people who want to reset or change their lives. 

She has shared top tips on how to enjoy music and be more mindful about the present, improving our ability to listen and connecting with others with empathy.

Please find the link to enjoy this episode in the first comment of the post and please subscribe to the Focus on What Matters series to receive notifications about the next ones. Our podcast proudly supports Bowel Cancer UK charity. 

Enjoy it and listen to good music:)

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June 5, 2021

Deborah Fleming MSc and I had the privilege and the honour to host Matthew Wiltshire and talk about Living in the Present in this week episode of our Focus on What Matters podcast.

Matt has worked in the tech sector for 30 years, co-founded Source Consulting and become global director in CapGemini. 

Matt was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015, which is now advanced and incurable. Having struggled to find anyone in a similar position he blogged as a way to raise awareness of the disease, and to raise funds for charity. 

Building on this desire to help men improve their well-being and utilising the entrepreneurial skills and business acumen acquired over his career, he created The Cancer Club.  

Matt has a contagious passion for life. His story is compelling with lessons and advices for all of us to Live in the Present and leave a legacy.

Please find the link to listen this episode in the first comment of the post and please consider donating to The Cancer Club.

If you want to make a gift to somebody you love, please share this episode with them so to inspire people to focus on what really matters in life.

God bless you Matt, you are a true leader.



June 20, 2021

Jem Macy, Founder and CEO at Fanciulle Vini, has succeeded to overcome and grow despite several economic crises by keeping on innovating the wine making process staying 
focused on her business purpose.

Talking to her, reminded me how I was fortunate in having the opportunity of making wine at home with my dad and my brothers Stefano Contardi and Andrea Contardi. It was genuine fun and a fantastic learning experience every time regardless the quality of the final result :).

It was our family tradition, going on since several generations, which taught me who we are and how much hard work is needed to produce something to be proud of. 

My brother Stefano Contardi is keeping the tradition alive.

What is your family tradition? What is your purpose? What would like to renew in your life or business? 

If you are looking for inspiration, please click on the link in the comment to listen to the episode.

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Passionate Executive Coaching and Team Leadership Professional / Commercial Excellence Expert

My name is Fabrizio Contardi and I serve executives and business leaders that are ambitious and feel stuck in their life and career or struggling in engaging and motivating their teams.
Through my approach, I support leaders to define their life purpose and career goal while creating engaged and impactful teams that deliver at full potential.
In fact, over the last 20+ years, by leveraging on my Coaching Professional certified skills, I have been unleashing teams and people potential so as to deliver business and capabilities growth within FMCGs and Healthcare across several Countries.
I am always curious about people's and teams' growth opportunities which could benefit from my passionate support.
Thanks for your kind attention and I can't wait to learn more about you and how can I help you to realize what you want in your life and career.

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I was lucky enough to take part in a 12 session coaching course at Asahi, ably led by Fabrizio. Fabrizio was able to very quickly build a culture of trust within the group which allowed us all to have some very powerful coaching experiences over the 4 months that the course ran. Not only did Fabrizio teach us how to coach ourselves, he also coached a number of us on our own goals throughout, and I can vouch for the effectiveness of these sessions. It was extremely well received by myself and my colleagues as well as our coachees who we have worked with both during and after completing the course. I highly recommend Fabrizio as both a coach, and a trainer of coaches.

Dave Horsley
Regional Sales Manager Asahi UK

Fabrizio is a great professional but most of all, a phenomenal listener. Thanks to his vast experience and skills developed over a long career in multinational corporations, he is able to fully dive into his client's business and help them to answer questions and formulate a solid plan of action. A top coach I would not hesitate to recommend.

Mauro Pizzale
Senior Vice President at Jefferies, UK

I first met Fabrizio at a culture development workshop where he was more impressive than the speaker.  He took me under his wing to help accelerate my potential working on areas I was weakest and recognizing strengths I didn't see in myself.  He gave me the belief to be a keynote speaker to over 1000 people in London.  So warm, personable, and empowering.   Would and do recommend him without question.

Ben Holloway
Digital Strategist & keynote speaker, UK

Fabrizio is a great commercial senior professional, with very solid commercial skills (from strategy and trade activity development to execution), always oriented to results with enthusiasm, genuinely committed, honest and very open to feedback. He his also able to build strong relationship with people and to convince audience through strong leadership and empathy. I had the opportunity to work in Fabrizio’s Team at Birra Peroni and I spent very fruitful and stimulating phase of my professional path with him, working on challenging and successful projects for Peroni portfolio brands. Fabrizio supported me in my professional growth through his intense coaching, representing a real point of reference.

Sabrina Fontana
Brau Forst Marketing Director

Fabrizio brings passion, energy and focus to everything he does. He is able to achieve a staggering level of output through remarkable work ethic and determination. He is an extremely experienced trade marketing executive and senior business leader who is passionate about his discipline and driven by building capability across the organisation. His commitment to people and teams shines through in all he does. He knows how to bring out the best in others - a talent that he has developed further by qualifying as a professional coach. He would be an asset to any organisation.

Gisela Rule
Global Brand Portfolio Director at Asahi International

Fabrizio Contardi is an extraordinary manager. As his previous Coach Trainer, I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his social intelligence and ethic work. He has successfully demonstrated leadership ability by counseling other classmate, colleagues and reports: his advice has been a great help to these people. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Fabrizio without reservation.

Francesco Di Coste
Italian Health Coaching Association President