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Rethinking team leadership in a critical time

We all know how challenging can be to lead teams through change and deliver #excellence in such turbulent times.

Our teams might be less motivated and less focused on achieving their goals.

More than ever, nowadays, they look at us in search of #vision, #inspiration, #solutions.

That’s not easy and requires first of all acknowledgment of the situation and then investment and commitment in strengthening our #coaching#leadership skills so as to create the best conditions for our people to succeed.

On Nov 7th at 1:40 pm GMT / 8:40 am New York time I will be sharing with you my #teamleadership experience and approach to achieve great results by leading engaged and impactful teams through turbulent times.

Thank you to #eWMS2020 for such a great opportunity, to my great #team and all people who trusted me and supported me and I look forward to talking to you to grow all together as a global #coaching#leader#community.

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